August 15, 2016
by ali

Alliant’s own Kimberly Rask, MD, PhD, and chief data officer, was interviewed on the Atlanta-based “Top Docs” radio program, which is sponsored by the Medical Association of Georgia. With an audience of more than 4,500 listeners across 84 countries, “Top Docs” provides a forum for conversations with leading doctors and thought leaders to discuss medical advancements, industry trends and the importance of health and wellness.

Dr. Rask was invited to discuss the shift in Medicare reimbursement from a fee-for-service to the new, value-based payment model. During her interview, she answered questions from host, Charles Hall, and additional questions from listeners via social media about the program change.

“Instead of providers being paid by the number of visits and tests they order, their payments are now based on the value of care they deliver,” said Dr. Rask. “The objective of this shift is to encourage higher quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries.”

We at Alliant would like to congratulate Dr. Rask on her interview, and for driving the conversation about the importance of value-based payments. Along with the payment model changes, comes the need for education and support for physicians. Alliant offers several programs designed to actively assist physicians and enable them to be successful under these new reimbursement programs. 

The full interview with Dr. Rask, can be found here.