August 11, 2015
by ali

Alliant Health Solutions (AHS) today announced the launch of their new Alliant Quality Kidney Collaborative (AQKC) website. The comprehensive, user-friendly site,, provides up-to-date information for end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, their families and care providers.

The website features useful information including patient-focused educational materials, recent news, answers to frequently asked questions, a facility locator and contact information for the ESRD Network offices. In the coming year, the site will also include information and articles in Spanish, to better serve the AQKC patient population.

“Across our Networks, AQKC serves more than 115,000 dialysis patients,” said Executive Director Glenda Harbert, Network 14. “We created the site to make it easier and far more efficient for our patients and their families to find critical information.”

AQKC is a collaborative effort between AHS’s three ESRD Networks: the Southeastern Kidney Council, Inc. (Network 6), Network 8, Inc. and the End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas, Inc. (Network 14). The AQKC Networks have the highest adjusted prevalence of dialysis and serve seven states, including Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

 “With the collective expertise of the three ESRD Networks, this website supports our common goal: to improve the quality and experience of care for all of the patients we serve,” said Executive Director Jerry Fuller, Network 8. 

The Networks will work closely together, pooling their knowledge to update the website with ESRD news and content.

"With our support, AQKC will continue to share best practices, cultivate innovative approaches to quality improvement and gain insight from lessons learned. The website is one of the many ways AQKC provides significant value to their patients.” said President and CEO Dr. Dennis White, AHS.

Visit for more information on how the AQKC is serving the ESRD population.