At Alliant, we believe that a peer review organization is the best approach for fair and honest reviews and cost containment. We know, too, that if a utilization review system is to have an impact, the behavior of physicians/providers demonstrating consistent patterns of overutilization and excessive lengths of stay must change.

To accomplish this, Alliant is committed to providing a qualified network of professionals for peer review. We select peer reviewers based upon medical expertise in a specific field of practice, prior utilization/peer review experience, and professional standing within the community. Each consultant reviews only in his or her area of specialization. In addition, we attempt to match practice setting too as well. For example, rural clinicians review rural cases.

The primary objective of the clinical consultant is to make a determination regarding the medical necessity and appropriateness of the setting for pre-certification/certification requests. There are many reasons to become a clinical peer reviewer:

  • To ensure that our health care dollars are well-spent
  • To promote fairness, accuracy, and consistency
  • To foster continuous improvement in healthcare
  • For the good of your own patients and community
  • To monitor the quality of care

Our range and depth are large and growing. For example, in Georgia, we have over 300 consultants (physician and non-physician) in our Clinical Consultant database. These physicians are American Board of Medical Specialty certified in more than 70 supportive medical disciplines. Being a Clinical Peer Reviewer with Alliant is a way of promoting better health care for your community. It's a way of demonstrating your belief in quality performance improvement, and in helping to create a medical staff culture of accountability and excellence.

Please note, clinical consultants may be asked to serve on a specialty panel to provide medical expertise on various special projects and/or represent Alliant as an expert witness in legal proceedings in their area of clinical specialty.

For more information on how you can become an Alliant clinical consultant, please send an information request and details of your specialty and professional experience to You may also download, complete and fax us your Clinical Consultant Application