Medicare End Stage Renal Disease Network Program

ESRD NetworkAlliant Quality supports the Medicare End Stage Renal Network Program by providing capabilities to accelerate quality improvement for patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD) and their families. Alliant has formed the Alliant Quality Kidney Collaborative (AQKC) covering three ESRD Networks which serve populations with similar dialysis and transplant patient demographics and provider characteristics. The AQKC includes:

  • Network 8, Inc. (ESRD Network 8) serving Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee
  • End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas, Inc. (ESRD Network 14) serving Texas

The Alliant Quality Kidney Collaborative members assist providers in transforming quality to make healthcare safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable. The Program's responsibilities include:

  • Improving quality of care and quality of life for ESRD patients
  • Collecting data to measure quality of care, improving data reporting, reliability, and validity
  • Providing assistance to ESRD patients and providers through quality oversight and initiatives
  • Evaluating and resolving patient grievances
  • Facilitating partnerships and cooperative activities among ESRD Networks, Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs), state survey agencies, professional groups, patient organizations, ESRD facilities/providers and other stakeholders

The ESRD Networks promote positive change relative to three broad aims outlined in the NQS and CMS priorities. These aims are interpreted for purposes of this SOW as:

  • AIM 1: Better Care for the Individual through Patient and Family Centered Care
  • AIM 2: Better Health for the ESRD Population
  • AIM 3: Reduce Costs of ESRD Care by Improving Care

Under AQKC, the Networks are empowered to pursue the strategic objectives of CMS in a more efficient manner. We incorporate patient-centeredness as a core value in our quality improvement efforts, and the merger of our Networks increases our capacity to deliver on this promise. Through the collective knowledge and expertise of AQKC, the ESRD Networks are better positioned to address areas of CMS Quality Strategy focus, such as patient and family engagement and health disparities.

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