Alliant ASO is an administrative services organization providing utilization management and program oversight services. These services help to ensure the appropriate use of health care services as well as provider compliance with program requirements. Currently, Alliant ASO operates programs in Florida and South Carolina.

We deploy a patient-centric, customer-focused model grounded in advanced technologies that centers on delivering quality, satisfaction and positive outcomes. Our model ensures focus on health of the member population and on customer needs. Highlights of this approach include:

  • Maximizing the health care quality and value for customers and their members
  • A focus on providing patients with clinically appropriate, evidence-based decisions
  • Promoting nationally recognized best practices across the care continuum, supporting the transition to evidence-based medicine that is efficacious and cost effective
  • Leadership and staff focus on understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations
  • Easy access to data analytics to drive credible decision-making
  • Proprietary, Web-based systems; enhanced integration with enterprise services

The Alliant service model combines customizable, standards-based systems with promotion of clinical best practices. It does this through intensive claims review, utilization management review activities, quality assurance/program compliance review activities, and initiatives that target education and awareness. The model uses utilization and compliance analytics for targeted program efforts and policy recommendations. Alliant’s approach improves clinical quality, promotes member and provider satisfaction, and achieves substantial savings. We help provide continuous program improvement by evaluating service outcomes, program costs and provider participation.

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