July 25, 2016
by ali

Receiving Medicaid benefits enables low-income adults and families receive the health care they need. However, caring for a disabled child can be financially devastating to families who are not considered low-income, and therefore do not qualify for Medicaid coverage. To help families in this overwhelming position, the Katie Beckett program was established in 1982 to allow states to waive family income when determining benefit eligibility for certain disabled children. In order to qualify, the child must require an institutional level of care that would typically be provided in a hospital, nursing home or intermediate care facility.

At Alliant Health Solution’s subsidiary, Alliant GMCF, we assist state and federal agencies in the appropriate spending of Medicaid funds, and help ensure beneficiaries receive health care that is high-quality, effective and efficient. One of the services we provide is performing level of care determinations for Katie Beckett applicants. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff conducts more than 2,000 level of care determinations for the program each year.

Recently, we were included in a thank you letter written by a beneficiary's mother, addressed to her local congressman. The letter detailed the uncertainty the family faced after receiving a prenatal diagnosis – and the relief they felt after learning about the Katie Beckett program.

Alliant GMCF received, reviewed and approved the family's program application. In the letter to the congressman, the beneficiary's mother wrote, "once the application was in the hands of GMCF, the review was handled with sensitivity and dependability.”

The relief families feel when they learn they’re eligible for Medicaid coverage is what makes our job so important. It is an honor to support the effective administration of health care programs – and to help ensure quality care for those that need it most.