August 05, 2016
by ali

Making health and wellness a priority is a company-wide goal here at Alliant, and we feel strongly about supporting our employees in their journey to healthy living. Each year, we offer a health challenge to encourage members of our team to reach their wellness goals.

This year, we focused on increasing physical activity by launching the GetMoving 2016 Health Challenge. The challenge is aimed at helping our employees set and achieve activity goals – with rewards along the way as they reach each milestone. Most physical activity can be logged via a fitness tracker, such as biking, swimming, running, gym classes, weightlifting, yoga, etc. Employees can track activity against their peers if they choose, or they can privately log progress – either way, it’s a program designed to support their individual goals. 

Since launching the GetMoving initiative in April, Alliant employees have tracked more than 33 million steps. GetMoving will continue through the end of the year, and we look forward to taking more steps toward greater health for our employees.