Michael Crooks wins award
October 18, 2016
by ali

Alliant’s own Michael Crooks was named the 2016 Distinguished Pharmacist by the Georgia Pharmacy Association. GPhA stated that Michael is “positioning himself as a leader and role model in pharmacy practice improvement and transformation,” and we at Alliant couldn’t be more proud. Pharmacists play an integral role in successful care transitions and reducing readmission rates – making Michael’s award even more important.

Transitional care is the process by which patients move from hospitals to other care settings, and it has become increasingly problematic. As patient lengths of stay in the hospital are shortened, care becomes more fragmented. Poor social support and the lack of access to outpatient care causes high 30-day readmission rates among beneficiaries.

According to Pharmacy Times, it’s estimated that Medicare pays $15 billion each year to cover the costs of readmissions, of which $12 billion is considered preventable.

As the QIN-QIO for Georgia and North Carolina, Alliant Quality is tasked with reducing hospital readmissions and improving care transitions. We have assembled and empowered communities across the two states to work together with the goal of reducing readmissions. Pharmacists play an integral role in this process, ensuring successful transitional care through patient contact and face-to-face office visits post-discharge.

Developing trust and strong relationships with health care stakeholders is essential in our transformational work as a Medicare Quality Improvement Organization. A big congratulations goes out to Michael on his achievement!