At Alliant, we are committed to providing solutions and resources that enable our clients to continuously improve health and the quality of health care delivery. Alliant provides evidence based, quality improvement tools and methods to help you accelerate the rate of improvements. We offer the following services for Quality Improvement Initiatives:

  • Assessments and focused quality studies
  • Physician practice consulting
  • Provider education / training
  • Program development
  • Program evaluation
  • Performance measurement and improvement
  • Chart review / medical record data abuse 
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Health data management
  • Quality data - analysis, collection and reporting
  • Quality / performance measure analysis 
  • Data validation
  • Process improvements - clinical and administrative

Our quality improvement initiatives have included improving individual patient care, integrating care across settings, and improving health for populations and communities. Our clinical quality improvements have reached settings and practitioners across the care continuum and areas of focus have included: patient safety, reducing readmissions, chronic disease management, prevention, and reducing health disparities.

The Alliant value:

  • Improved patient health (clinical) outcomes
  • Improved efficiency of clinical processes
  • Avoided costs associated with process failures, errors, and poor outcomes
  • Improved safety of patients and health care workers
  • Improved success of programs using evidence based methods, tools and interventions
  • Experienced clinicians from all healthcare settings offer deep understanding and insights
  • Advanced analytics to identify trends and inform decision-making
  • Consultations/recommendations to achieve greater efficiencies
  • Provider education on nationally recognized best practices