In addition to depth of experience, Alliant also undergoes rigorous, ongoing certification/accreditation audits to give assurance of our expertise in health utilization management and quality operations.

ISO-9001:2015 - Alliant maintains an ISO-certified Quality-Management System to assure that contract operations are manageable, measurable and reportable. This is important because it shows that we comply with various international standards such as product quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, and economically efficient approach. Our clients can trust that our systems maintain a high level of reliability.

URAC - Since 1997, Alliant Health Solutions has maintained accreditation in Health Utilization Management by the Health Utilization Management Commission (URAC). This demonstrates our ability to maintain high levels of consistency and reliability in how we perform utilization management services.

Quality Improvement Organization - Alliant’s divisions hold a federally designated QIO and QIO-like designation, recognizing Alliant’s expertise in providing health care quality improvement support.

Federal Government Approved accounting system - Our DCAA compliant accounting system ensures our clients that Alliant manages contract and grant funding according to federal guidelines.

Designated Community Leader for Value Driven Health Care - The Department of Health & Human Services has recognized Alliant as a "Community Leader for Value-Driven Health Care." HHS recognizes our multi-participant organization works to achieve the four cornerstones of Value-Driven Health Care: interoperable health information technology (health IT); transparency of price information; transparency of quality information; and the use of incentives to promote high-quality and cost-efficient health care.