If you are a physician (M.D. or D.O.) or Allied Health Professional (Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapist) and wish to apply to become credentialed as a Clinical Consultant Reviewer (Peer Reviewer), please complete the application/agreement.

Please fill out and mail ALL of the forms to:

Peer Consultant Administrator
1455 Lincoln Parkway
Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30346

You may also fax ALL of the completed forms to (678)-527-3725.

If you have any questions, please email the Peer Consultant Administrator at peerreviewer@gmcf.org.

Upon receipt of your completed Application/Agreement, Alliant Health Solutions will conduct primary source verification of your credentials. Following this process, you will be notified when your approval on the Clinical Consultant Reviewer Panel has taken place.

In each state in which we conduct clinical reviews, Alliant Health Solutions has varied needs and requirements for Clinical Consultant Reviewers, based upon contract requirements. When your Application/Agreement has been accepted/finalized, you will receive additional information about serving as a Clinical Consultant Reviewer.

We appreciate your interest in serving as a Clinical Consultant Reviewer. We believe that keeping clinical review decisions in the hands of practicing providers is the best manner in which to serve the public good.